Pro Series Mini Cam keychain

Pro Series Mini Cam keychain Credit: Handout

Cameras are always handy, but how many of us actually carry one around, especially when we're out on the road? Yes, there's the camera (hidden somewhere within the buttons) of your cell phone that seems to take all kinds of blurry, shaky pictures. Then there's the Pro Series Mini Cam keychain digital camera that you can use for either pleasure or for evidence-gathering purposes if you're involved in a collision or other emergency situation.

The camera's eight megabytes of memory (without the need for a memory card) will allow you to take up to 25 "high-resolution" - 410 low-resolution images - as well as short video clips. Photos can be sent to your home computer or laptop via the supplied USB connection cable. Photo-editing software is also included. The Pro Series Camera is available for about $38 from a variety of Web sites, including TBO-TECH Self-Defense Products (

Given all the various nooks and crannies for storing stuff inside your car, it's amazing how cell phones, coins, sunglasses, portable audio devices and other assorted gear will often wind up on the floor or lost between or beneath the front seats. Take corrective action by purchasing a CommuteMate CellCup.

This handy organizer fits inside one of your vehicle's standard-sized cupholders so its contents are always within easy reach. In addition, a hole drilled into the bottom of the unit allows a cord to pass through to charge your cell phone. The CommuteMate CellCup's soft and flexible plastic construction won't scratch delicate the LED screens found on many electronic devices. You can purchase a two-pack of Commutemate CellCups for about $13 at a number of online outlets, including

Anyone towing a trailer will appreciate a set of temporary mount mirrors that are essential for extending your field of vision when passing, checking approaching traffic or when backing up. A pair supplied by the JC Whitney catalogue company will certainly help in this regard. They slip over your existing outside mirror frames without creating an obstruction or causing wind noise and can be easily removed when not needed. They also have been designed to fit over the mirrors of most existing truck, van and sport utility vehicles, but once they're installed they won't allow you to adjust your remote or electronically controlled mirror. Pricing varies depending on the application, but generally ranges between $33 and $65 ar pair. For availability check out and search for towing mirrors.

A convertible car is an especially cool set of wheels, but a dirty or discolored top can really junk things up and tarnish the cool factor. Keep your lid clean with RaggTop convertible top cleaner and vinyl top protector from Wolfsteins Pro Series products. The company's Fabric Convertible Care Kit includes one bottle of cleaner and a bottle of protectant that can be used on vinyl as well as fabric tops, not to mention plastic convertible rear windows.

Both products work at fighting harmful man-made pollutants such as acid rain, smog, tar and grease plus bird droppings, tree sap and other natural elements that can cause damage. The kit, product number 01164, is priced at $33.95 and is available at where you can also check out the company's complete line of cleaning products.
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