2012 Range Rover Evoque at the New York Auto Show,...

2012 Range Rover Evoque at the New York Auto Show, April 22, 2011. Credit: Jose Moreno

Known for their hulking vehicles, Land Rover is looking to change the image with the eco-minded but luxurious 2012 Evoque – a sport crossover that is the most fuel efficient and smallest vehicle in the automaker’s lineup.

Making it’s North American debut at the New York Auto Show, the Evoque will be available as a two-door coupe or a five-door hatchback. It will be powered by a direct-injection 2 liter turbo engine producing 240 hp and 241 lb-ft of torque. Range Rover says the Evoque has a top speed of 135 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds – that’s as fast as the company's current V8-powered models.

All-wheel drive will be standard on the Evoque. It will feature a multiterrain system will that allows the driver to choose between general driving and a variety of more rugged surfaces,  like grass, gravel, snow; mud and ruts. There are also sand modes.

The crossover will also include biofuel compatibility, regenerative brakes, a stop-start system, and a hybrid powertrain system that propels the car on just electric power up to speeds of 20 mph.

The EPA hasn’t released the Evoque official fuel economy numbers yet.

On the inside, the Evoque will have 8-inch touch screen for media and GPS, Bluetooth access, a panoramic sunroof, keyless start, a self-park system. It can also be equipped with a 360-degree camera.

There is no word yet on pricing, but based on Land Rover’s current models, look for it to be in the $40,000 range.

Check out the video below to check out the entire Land Rover lineup at this week’s New York International Auto Show.

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