The 1981 remake of “Arthur” is being filmed at Old Westbury Gardens today and tomorrow.

The shooting will take place outside on the south lawn, behind the historic house.

The set is one full of film equipment, plywood and 30- to 40 people, including actors, stand-ins and catering, says Vincent Kish, communications director for Old Westbury Gardens.

Kish says the actors, including Russell Brand (the crude British comedian engaged to Katy Perry) and Jennifer Garner (2010’s "Valentine’s Day," married to Ben Affleck), arrived to the set around 9 a.m. and started shooting shortly after.

But the cast doesn’t stop at actors. “There is a horse in the scene, and also a stand-in horse,” says Kish. “The trainer told me the horse could only be standing in the sun for so long. The stand-in also has a calming influence on the ‘real’ horse.”

Visitors can still tour the mansion and gardens during the filming. But they are not allowed on the south terrace or in the red ballroom, in case the cameras catch more than desired.

There aren’t any more people than normal on a Thursday afternoon, save for the cast and crew, says Kish.

“But we did have a school group and we had to ask them not to scream as much,” he says.

No physical changes have been made to the house.

“We’re very strict about [commercial shoots],” says Kish. “Everything needs to be done properly.”

Jason Winer directs the remake, and the cast includes Helen Mirren and Nick Nolte.

The expected release will be in 2011.

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