This Long Beach house, for $689,000, offers three bedrooms and...

This Long Beach house, for $689,000, offers three bedrooms and 1-1/2 bathrooms. Long Beach ; $689,000 ; Dail Credit: Douglas Elliman Real Estate/Chuck Danas Photography

A Long Beach home recently used as a tropical Florida home in the filming of a scene for an upcoming Showtime series produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon is for sale. The asking price is $689,000.

The property underwent a late-night transformation on March 1 to shoot the scene for the upcoming “City on a Hill" show, the homeowners say. Affleck and Damon and star Kevin Bacon were not on site, they say.

The crew arrived at about 1:30 a.m., they say. A jet ski and 1990s-era vehicles, including a convertible, were delivered to the house, they say. Later, a truck filled with shrubs and palm trees arrived, they say.

Just one minor complication: Long Island snow.

“It was very little snow, but just enough to cover the Florida palm trees,” says Stephen Rothman, who owns the house with wife, Carol.

The Long Beach home.

The Long Beach home. Credit: Douglas Elliman Real Estate/Chuck Danas Photography

“One guy with a leaf blower was walking around for hours blowing the snow off the shrubs,” Carol adds.

Palm trees were planted around the outside of the 1955 ranch-style house, along a neighboring house, and by the canal in front. The interior of the house was furnished by the crew. Scenes were filmed both inside and outside the house, says the Rothmans, who also own and live in the house next door.   

The 12-episode series, set in Boston in the 1990s, stars Bacon as a corrupt FBI agent and Aldis Hodge as a district attorney. Later that day, Bacon filmed scenes on Park Avenue in Long Beach and on the Meadowbrook Parkway, Carol says. The Rothmans say the episode featuring their house is expected to air in June.

“There was about 100 crew members and it was incredible to watch the crew work together as a team,” Stephen says. “They were out of here by about 2 in the afternoon and you would never have known anything was done here.”

The house was empty because it is for sale.

The producers "really wanted this house at all costs,” says listing agent Joyce Coletti of Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

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