This three-bedroom, two-bath ranch in Huntington is listed for $499,000,...

This three-bedroom, two-bath ranch in Huntington is listed for $499,000, Dec. 19, 2017. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Sellers Maureen and Kevin Moran

Address 238 Nassau Rd., Huntington

Asking price $499,000

The basics A three-bedroom, two-bath ranch on a 94-by-150-foot lot

The competition A similar size ranch on Chanticleer Court is listed for $525,000.

Nearest recent sale A Dutch Colonial on Nassau Road sold Sept. 29 for $525,000.

Taxes with no exemptions $11,161

Time on the market Since Dec. 15

Listing agent The homeowner is a real estate agent with Prime Properties LI and can be reached at 631-988-7859

Why it’s for sale Maureen, 64, a real estate agent, and Kevin, 72, a semi-retired hotel manager, say they’re moving to Wisconsin to be closer to family.

The home's kitchen.

The home's kitchen. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

“The other two bedrooms are large because they were once three room. We remodeled one of the bedrooms to include more closets and create a separate entrance to the second full bath. . . . The house has a good roommate layout. One side is a bedroom and a full bath and the other side is two bedrooms and a full bath. The bathrooms were renovated in 2012 and 2016. . . . The community has a great ‘surban’ feel (a combination of suburban and urban). The backyard, which is fully fenced, has a paver patio with room for a fire pit. . . . During Sandy, we lost our power for only six hours. In every other storm, the houses across the street and down the street have no electricity and we’re fully powered. We must be on a sturdy grid. . . . I wish we could move this home to Wisconsin with us.”

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