It was Monday morning, and where was Jill Zarin? "Still in Hamptons," she writes on her official Facebook page.

Then the star of "The Real Housewives of New York City" asks her 41,211 fans for some real estate advice. Should she, "Build? Buy? Rent? What Should we do?"

And, she asks, Should she settle in Sagaponack, Bridgehampton or Southampton?

"I am going insane," says Zarin, pictured here at her former Sag Harbor home.

Comments came in fast: Some suggested buying, some suggested renting and some suggested just staying on one of her castmate's couches.

And the more than 100 commenters offered their favorite community, even some up-Island suggestions, namely Oak Beach and Billy Joel's hometown of Centre Island.

But the status update didn't sit well with some "fans." One told Zarin, "Get a kitten." Another remarked, "Tough decisions, eh?"

And another: "After my husband left me and two small children for his secretary, I find myself exhausted after 60-hour workweeks trying to save my home from forclosure. What do I do, Jill? Should I hire an attorney I can't afford to help my children stay in the only home they know, or rent?"

To her defense came this comment: "Those people that are complaining about you having money -- please, it's only people that have the money to spend that will get the economy out of this mess." 

(Newsday Photo  /  Thomas A. Ferrara)

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