Creating a space you enjoy being in will help take...

Creating a space you enjoy being in will help take the bore out of the chore. Credit: Getty Images/TNS/Eva-Katalin

Most of us spend quite a bit of time doing laundry. But if you don't actually enjoy this chore, consider creating a space that you enjoy being in, whether your laundry room is big enough for a party or a tidy closet hidden behind bi-fold doors. For those looking to gussy up their utility space, here are five ways to do it in a flash, adding personal style without a total renovation.

Punch up paint color

A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest ways to transform your space lickety-split. While you shouldn't be afraid to have a little fun, you'll want to make sure your hues work with the rest of your home's palette or else you could wind up with a chaotic feel.

Due to the lack of natural light in many laundry areas, the colors found throughout the rest of your home might take on a different life here, meaning now is not the time to skip the paint samples. Whether you're going dark and moody or bright and airy, paint color can set the foundation for the rest of your décor choices, so be sure you give this one its proper consideration.

Don't settle with storage

Whether it's a place to hide away detergents, fabric softeners and dryer balls or a foldaway drying rack for delicates and more, the right setup will do wonders for your mood come laundry-tackling time. A countertop might not be in the budget — or work with your space's square footage — but storage is for everyone.

If your washer and dryer manufacturer makes pedestal drawers for your particular models, that's a great place to start if budget allows. A laundry sorting basket with two or three sections for separating whites, darks and colors can streamline the wash-and-go process.

If you've been blessed with existing built-in racks and/or cabinets, don't settle for good enough. Invest in baskets, storage cubes, lazy Susans and more to maximize storage. You'll be amazed at how much more efficient (and peaceful) your laundry process will be once everything has its place.

Light it up

Setting the right mood in a laundry room can be as simple as a tasteful pendant light with a hint of vintage charm, or as statement-making as a brass drum that casts warm light.

Yet again, this is a time to select a flourish that fits within the same vein as your home's existing décor, though you can take a bit of creative license since it's not going to be a room that you'll likely welcome guests into on the regular.

Pack on the pizzazz

Pulls, knobs, pinboards and more — these little details can make all the difference. Whether it's a practical bulletin board or an unexpected piece of art, there's no going wrong when it comes to adding a bit of visual interest here. Consider replacing drawer handles or swapping out a builder-grade utility sink for a vintage farmhouse version.

Accentuate above and below

A pretty terracotta tile flooring or a grass cloth ceiling can go a long way in creating a wow-worthy space. Even a concrete floor can do wonders when playing off colorful walls or providing the utilitarian counterpoint to an unexpected elegant light fixture.

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