Steve Berner and Kristin Costa in the sunroom of their...

Steve Berner and Kristin Costa in the sunroom of their Shoreham home. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Sellers Steve Berner and Kristin Costa

Community Shoreham

Asking price $579,000

The basics A four-bedroom, 2½-bath Colonial on a 0.73-acre lot

The competition A similar size home on Salty Way is listed for $579,999.

Nearest recent sale A four-bedroom, 2½-bath Colonial on Soundview Drive closed Aug. 15 for $625,000.

Taxes with no exemptions $15,472

Time on the market Since July 27

Listing agent The homeowners are selling on their own and can be reached at 631-905-8721.

Why it’s for sale Steve, 65, a retired teacher, and Kristin, 45, a freelance art director, say they’re eventually moving to the mountains of North Carolina.

The house has four bedrooms.

The house has four bedrooms. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Steve and Kristin’s 2,700-square-foot home is tucked into a lush wooded lot. Steve says:

“We did extensive renovations when we first moved in. Our dining room was previously a den when the former owners were here. It flows right into the sunroom, which opens up a 360-degree view of the backyard and the flowers, pool, deck and outdoor shower. I’m looking out there right now, and all I see is greenery, flowers and a beautiful blue pool. Some flowers are always blooming, whether it’s black-eyed Susans, sunflowers or hibiscus. …We love this sunroom. It’s 450 square feet, and has three walls of nearly floor-to-ceiling windows and a tray ceiling. It was designed by an architect and done beautifully by the previous owners. We’ve had parties here with as many as 50 people -- and that’s in the wintertime, not using the cedar deck that’s off the sunroom.

The grand piano stays with the house.

The grand piano stays with the house. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

The deck leads to a concrete patio that surrounds the pool. The music/library room has built-in bookcases, a chandelier, a bay window and a grand piano, which, by the way, will be staying with the house.”

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