An Albanian actor has been detained by federal authorities on his way to attend the Hamptons film festival and taken to a Buffalo facility for deportation, according to a news release from the filmmaker, Lee Percy.

The actor, Praq Rado, is the star of the short film "Dreaming American," based on his own escape from Albania 11 years ago. He was born Preke Radoina to a farming family ostracized for voicing opposition to the Albanian government, according to the filmmaker's release, and made his way to the United States without papers. The film chronicles his struggle in America to attend community college and become an actor while supporting himself as a dancer in a gay bar.

Rado was to have attended screenings at the festival and speak to the press Sunday afternoon with Percy, an Emmy-winning filmmaker who wrote and directed "Dreaming American."

"A federal agent took him off a train as he traveled to his screening in East Hampton. He is being held for deportation even though there is no pending order of removal against him," Percy wrote.

"Dreaming American" accompanies the feature film "Call Me Kuchu" Saturday at 3:15 and Monday at 8 p.m. at UA East Hampton.

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