Cover of the book "Just Tell Me What to Eat!"...

Cover of the book "Just Tell Me What to Eat!" by Timothy S. Harlan, MD. Credit: Handout

JUST TELL ME WHAT TO EAT! The Delicious 6-Week Weight Loss Plan for the Real World, by Timothy S. Harlan, MD. Da Capo/Life Long, 309 pp., $25.


Harlan, medical director of Tulane University School of Medicine and a professional chef ("Dr. Gourmet") from New Orleans, has a different emphasis than most diet-book writers.

Chef Harlan wants to "get you cooking right away." But, knowing everyone's busy lives, he provides convenience food and eating-out alternatives as well. His Big Easy background means recipes are anything but bland.

There are rules: "Get rid of the stupid food" (he's not a fan of Rice-A-Roni) is one. "You must make your own lunch" (saving calories and money) is another.

THE SCOOP Harlan intersperses helpful nuggets with his recipes -- "How to make dinner when you're busy," for example (check out his Pantry Meal ingredients).

THE BOTTOM LINE "Dr. Gourmet's" first recipe? Fettuccine alfredo with shrimp and broccoli. "Rich, creamy sauces can be healthy," he explains. OK, doc, you can tell me to eat that.

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