Jill Soloway will be editor of Topple Books, a new...

Jill Soloway will be editor of Topple Books, a new venture with Amazon Publishing. Credit: Jill Soloway

Amazon Publishing is showing its rainbow colors.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced the launch of Topple Books, an imprint to be edited by Jill Soloway. Topple Books will spotlight emerging and established writers who are women of color, gender nonconforming, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer. Soloway is the writer, filmmaker, TV showrunner and LGBTQ activist whose work includes “Transparent” and “I Love Dick.”

Soloway is also a figure in the #TimesUp and #5050by2020 campaigns to address sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

“We live in a complicated, messy world where every day we have to proactively re-center our own experiences by challenging privilege,” Soloway said in a statement released by Amazon. “With Topple Books we’re looking for those undeniably compelling essential voices so often not heard.”

Amazon Publishing is the publishing arm of Amazon.com. Topple is also the name of Soloway’s production company, which produces shows for Amazon Studios.

Topple’s first books are scheduled to be published in 2019.

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