"Night Hawks," by Charles Johnson.

"Night Hawks," by Charles Johnson. Credit: Scribner

NIGHT HAWKS, by Charles Johnson. A new story collection from the National Book Award-winning author of “The Middle Passage” means a treasure box of styles, from the dystopian “4189” to the hair-salon heist of “The Weave” to the title story, which places Johnson and the late playwright August Wilson in a Seattle diner. (Scribner, $24)

CHASING NEW HORIZONS: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto, by Alan Stern and David Grinspoon. Stern, who led NASA’s unmanned mission to Pluto, and Grinspoon, a scientist-writer, recount the drama of “how this landmark space mission was conceived, approved, funded, built, launched and flown successfully to its oh-so-far-away target.” (Picador, $28)

THE PISCES, by Melissa Broder. Aquatic creatures have never had it so good in our popular culture. Human-amphibian love affairs featured in the Oscar-winning film “The Shape of Water” and in the reissue of the cult novel “Mrs. Caliban.” Broder wades into these waters with the story of Lucy, an unhappy academic, and her lover, Theo, a merman. (Hogarth, $25) 

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