"Waking Up Is Hard To Do" performed with children's lyrics...

"Waking Up Is Hard To Do" performed with children's lyrics by Neil Sedaka.

Sorry, kids, school is just around the corner. And you know what that means . . . yeah, time to set the alarm clock again.

Here to help is perennial pop favorite Neil Sedaka. Out this month is the children's book / three-song CD "Waking Up Is Hard to Do" (Imagine! Publishing, $17.95), the sleepyhead version of his classic 1962 tune "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do."

Illustrated by Daniel Myares, "Waking" tells the tale of an alligator who's inspired to wake up to a new day by Sedaka and Howard Greenfield's rewritten gem: "You slept all night, now it's morning time. That's the time to rise and shine / Don't cry and don't be blue / Wakin' up is hard to do."

Some parents - or grandparents - may even want to dance with the little ones when you hear the accompanying disc. Just remember to get to sleep early.

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