"Sleeping Beauties" by Stephen King and Owen King

"Sleeping Beauties" by Stephen King and Owen King Credit: Scribner

SLEEPING BEAUTIES, by Stephen King and Owen King. Fiction runs in the King family blood. Stephen you know, of course. Son Joe Hill is a celebrated horror novelist in his own right. Owen writes fiction, too — and now he’s collaborated with dad on a book that transforms the classic fairy tale into an apocalyptic narrative where the earth’s women are falling into a slumber — and turn bloodthirsty when awakened. (Scribner, $32.50)

WHAT IS IT ALL BUT LUMINOUS: Notes from an Underground Man, by Art Garfunkel. This quirky scrapbook-memoir — typeset in a handwriting-style font and filled with old photos — contains the recollections and ramblings of one-half of the great musical duo from Queens, Simon & Garfunkel. His “#1 Life Achievement”? Marriage and sons. (No. 2 is producing and singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”) (Alfred A. Knopf, $27.95)

UNFORGIVABLE LOVE, by Sophfronia Scott. The second novel by the author of “All I Need to Get By” is a retelling of the 18th century French classic, “Les liaisons dangereuses” — best known to American audiences from the 1988 film “Dangerous Liaisons.” Scott transports the amorous chess game to 1940s Harlem, where Mae Malveaux plots to have Valiant Jackson seduce her virginal young cousin. (William Morrow, $15.99 paper)

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