Britney Spears in the music video for "Work -----"

Britney Spears in the music video for "Work -----" Credit: Britney Spears VEVO

Go ahead, call it a comeback.

Britney Spears debuted the music video for "Work -----," the first single off her upcoming album, Tuesday night on the CW -- and it's hot in more ways than one. Shot mostly in the desert, it features the Bugattis and Maseratis the pop princess sings about in the track, and showcases Spears, 31, as a dominatrix who whips her backup dancers into submission.

OK, so it's no "I'm a Slave 4 U," but has any pop video, Britney's or not, really lived up to that one? She has come a long way since her "Blackout" days, and with the toned figure to prove it -- even if her dance moves are no longer what they were in 2001. (Side note: One day earlier and the video would have premiered on the 15th anniversary of "... Baby One More Time." And now you feel old.)

Because of the expletive in its title, we can't show the video here but it's worth a watch on YouTube.

What do you think of Britney Spears' new video? Tell us in the poll and comments below.

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