Abigail Breslin is making the ultimate transition from cute child star to a grown-up actress -- and she's definitely showing her fans that she's growing up. The 17-year-old actress took it to the next level and went for a very risque photo shoot. The session was taken by photographer Tyler Shields -- and these pictures showcase a very revealing Abigail! The photo shoot featured the young actress sporting dark makeup under her eyes and wrapped in a bed sheet, sucking on a lollipop. The provocative photo does showcase the actress' beauty -- but is 17 a little too young to be going topless?

Taylor Swith unruffled

Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned, so when news broke that her ex-boyfriend was seen having dinner with Kendall Jenner, you'd think she'd immediately start writing a song about it -- but you'd be wrong! HollywoodLife.com spoke with a source close to the "22" singer, who told us exactly how Taylor feels about Harry Styles' hot new squeeze. "She's not really letting it get to her, because she isn't dating Harry," our source tells us. "Jealousy isn't setting in. She's playing it by ear."

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