The parents of former child star Amanda Bynes said they have no idea of her whereabouts following her release after a DUI arrest Sunday.

"We know nothing about . . . we were called by the press," her father, Rick Bynes, told an videographer Monday afternoon outside his and his wife Lynn's California home. He said he read on the Internet that their daughter had been released from police custody "on her own recognizance" and that he had not provided bail or was otherwise involved.

Noting that "she's 28; she does what she wants," Rick Bynes said he and Lynn have not heard from their daughter -- who has exhibited erratic behavior since at least 2012 and until recently was under her mother's conservatorship. "Then the conservatorship ended and we don't know after that," he said, adding, "I guarantee you she will not come here."

When asked how he and his wife were handling the situation, he replied, "Since we don't know anything, we're fine."

Amanda Bynes, the former star of Nickelodeon's "All That" and "The Amanda Show," was charged with DUI following a 4 a.m. stop Sunday in the Sherman Oaks section of Los Angeles. said Tuesday that she may have been under the influence of Adderall, which had been prescribed for her, and marijuana. The site said she has been living in Orange County since moving from her parents' house after the conservatorship ended, and has stopped taking antipsychotic medication.

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