The gravestone of Andy Kaufman at the Beth David Cemetery...

The gravestone of Andy Kaufman at the Beth David Cemetery in Elmont. (Nov. 14, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Patrick Whittle

Yes, Andy Kaufman is in there, say the caretakers of the Elmont cemetery where the entertainer was buried in 1984.

Kaufman, who starred on the television show "Taxi" and entertained audiences in the 1970s and early '80s with his comedy routines, reappeared in the news this week when a woman onstage at an awards ceremony Monday night claimed to be his daughter. The woman -- later revealed to be actress Alexandra Tatarsky -- also claimed Kaufman was still living.

Kaufman remains buried at Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, said a spokesman for the cemetery.

"The man's been interred here for years," the spokesman said.

Kaufman, who grew up in Great Neck, is buried in his family's plot next to his mother, Janice T. Kaufman. His grave marker reads, "We love you very much."

Tatarsky took the stage with Kaufman's brother, Michael Kaufman. The Smoking Gun website was the first to report that Tatarsky was a New York City-based actress, and not Kaufman's daughter.

Michael Kaufman told Jake Tapper of CNN Thursday that he was not in on the hoax. He added that his brother was "a genius" and a "good guy," adding that "The legacy he's leaving behind is beautiful, regardless of what the truth is."

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