Justin Bieber has been busy in the studio preparing his next albums, and one of them is going to be holiday themed, he confirmed on Twitter last week. "So it's true . . . Been in the studio doing something special for Christmas. We are going to try and raise a lot of money this year for charity," he tweeted. We love how charitable Justin has stayed -- despite becoming one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

A high-tech educationRod Stewart is determined to make sure son Alistair, 5, won't miss out on a British education while Dad's performing his Las Vegas show at Caesar's Palace. Alistair will be able to attend lessons, download classwork and chat with his teacher 5,000 miles away as one of the first students to try out the distance learning system developed by the Coopersdale Hall School in Essex, England. Rod says it's a temporary measure. Alistair will return home in the new year with his mom Penny Lancaster and baby brother Aiden to attend school full-time.

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