Scott Disick, for the sake of your relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, you've got to grow up and get yourself in gear as a responsible partner and father. If you don't, you could lose her and your kids forever.

Kourtney is at her wits' end, and reportedly feels like you were of so little help during the exhausting months of her recent pregnancy.

Let's not forget that aside from having you beefing all last summer about being bored in the Hamptons, you also had to be raced to the hospital after thinking you had overdosed on drinks and sleeping pills. She must have been feeling like she already had a third child to take care of. After all, how can you help with the kids when you can't keep your own wild partying under control.

You need to take the birth of this third child as the start of a new life for you. A life where you're a grown up, committed partner and father.

Lovato likes her curves

In the January issue of Allure, Demi Lovato talks about how she loves to flaunt her curves. Lovato also said that now that curves have become more accepted, it's helped her come to terms with her body.

Lovato, 22, credits Kim Kardashian, 34, for the change in popular opinion. "She has revolutionized what's accepted with curves nowadays," Lovato said.

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