A file photo of Christie Brinkley's ex-husband, Peter Cook, at...

A file photo of Christie Brinkley's ex-husband, Peter Cook, at Riverhead Supreme Court. (Oct. 13, 2009) Credit: James Carbone

Dismissing her emotional appearance Tuesday on the "Today" show as "crocodile tears," Hamptons-based architect Peter Cook said his ex-wife Christie Brinkley lied about "virtually everything" in that interview.

Defending himself to "Today's" Savannah Guthrie Wednesday, Cook insisted, "The entire content of her interview was a lie where she claims that I am harassing and bullying her on a daily basis." He said the two have not had a conversation in four years or emailed in two.

Cook, 53, conceded Brinkley's point that he is a narcissist, arguing, "Narcissism makes you focus attention on something," including one's children. He also admitted his son Jack, 16, refuses to see him, as Brinkley said, but added he has a good relationship with daughter Sailor, 13.

And echoing Brinkley, 58, Cook said he wants "peace. I want peace for my family. I want peace for myself. I want to be able to do my job, see my kids and live without the Christie Brinkley shadow over me. That's all I ask."

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