Dolly Parton, Howard Stern, Betty White and more: Find out which of your favorite stars have birthdays at the beginning of the year.

Grandmaster Flash

Credit: AP

Grandmaster Flash, born Jan. 1, 1958.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Credit: Getty Images

Cuba Gooding Jr., born Jan. 2, 1968.

Mel Gibson

Credit: AP

Mel Gibson, born Jan. 3, 1956.

Dot Jones

Credit: Getty Images

Dot Jones, born Jan. 4, 1964.

Bradley Cooper

Credit: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper, born Jan. 5, 1975.

Kate McKinnon

Credit: Getty Images for AT&T / Robin Marchant

Long Island native Kate McKinnon, born Jan. 6, 1984.

Nicolas Cage

Credit: AP

Nicolas Cage, born Jan. 7, 1964.

Kate Middleton

Credit: Getty Images

Kate Middleton, or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, born Jan. 9, 1982.

Rod Stewart

Credit: AP

Rod Stewart, born Jan. 10, 1945.

Mary J. Blige

Credit: Getty Images

Mary J. Blige, born Jan. 11, 1971.

Howard Stern

Credit: Getty Images

Howard Stern, born Jan. 12, 1954.

Liam Hemsworth

Credit: AP

Liam Hemsworth, born Jan. 13, 1990.

LL Cool J

Credit: AP

LL Cool J, born Jan. 14, 1968.


Credit: Getty Images

Pitbull, born Jan. 15, 1981.

Kate Moss

Credit: Getty Images

Kate Moss, born Jan. 16, 1974.

Betty White

Credit: Getty Images

Betty White, born Jan. 17, 1922.

Jason Segel

Credit: Getty Images

Jason Segel, born Jan. 18, 1980.

Dolly Parton

Credit: Crown Media

Dolly Parton, born Jan. 19, 1946.

Rainn Wilson

Credit: Getty Images

Rainn Wilson, born Jan. 20, 1966.

Emma Bunton

Credit: AP

Emma Bunton, born Jan. 21, 1976.

Guy Fieri

Credit: AP

Guy Fieri, born Jan. 22, 1968.

Mariska Hargitay

Credit: Rob Rich/

Mariska Hargitay, born Jan. 23, 1964.

Neil Diamond

Credit: AP

Neil Diamond, born Jan. 24, 1941.

Alicia Keys

Credit: Getty Images for Alicia Keys / Gary Gershoff

Alicia Keys, born Jan. 25, 1981.

Ellen DeGeneres

Credit: AP

Ellen DeGeneres, born Jan. 26, 1958.

Lil Jon

Credit: Getty Images

Lil Jon, born Jan. 27, 1971.

Elijah Wood

Credit: Getty Images

Elijah Wood, born Jan. 28, 1981.

Oprah Winfrey

Credit: AP

Oprah Winfrey, born Jan. 29, 1954.

Christian Bale

Credit: AP

Christian Bale, born Jan. 30, 1974.

Justin Timberlake

Credit: Getty Images

Justin Timberlake, born Jan. 31, 1981.

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