Dr. Drew Pinsky in February.

Dr. Drew Pinsky in February. Credit: Getty Images/Rich Fury

TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky, who apologized in April for downplaying coronavirus pandemic concerns as "press-induced panic," is recovering from a bout of COVID-19.

After his wife, Susan Sailer Pinsky, posted on his Instagram account Tuesday that he had tested positive for the virus, the 62-year-old star of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" has issued regular video updates.

"COVID's no fun. I don't recommend it," he said Tuesday, noting he had "been sick for six days." He said he had passed the viral stage and had reached the inflammatory phase where "my lungs are filling up and all that good stuff." His symptoms have included extreme fatigue, mental fogginess and "lots of fevers … it was miserable." Later videos have chronicled his infusions of the antibody treatment bamlanivimab, from the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly, with him assuring: "I have no financial association with that company."

Also recovering is actress Angela Kinsey, 49, who played Angela on the sitcom "The Office." She announced on Instagram Stories on Tuesday that she had tested positive after her husband, two stepsons and her daughter contracted the disease. Kinsey said in a video Wednesday: "I'm doing OK. I'm just really tired. Oh, and I have no taste and smell. Gone. It's so crazy." Her husband, actor Josh Snyder, 43, "continues to improve. He still gets tired. He gets a little dizzy. Kids are totally fine."

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