ABC News reported that their anchor Elizabeth Vargas was undergoing...

ABC News reported that their anchor Elizabeth Vargas was undergoing treatment for alcoholism in November 2013. She completed treatment and in 2014, after her second rehab admission, she described herself as an alcoholic. Credit: AP

"20/20" anchor Elizabeth Vargas, who has struggled openly with alcoholism, has checked herself into rehab.

"As so many other recovering alcoholics know, overcoming the disease can be a long and incredibly difficult process," Vargas, 51, said in a statement. "I feel I have let myself, my co-workers and most importantly my family down and for that I am ashamed and sorry. I am committed to battling and addressing this debilitating disease and want to thank everyone who has offered their unwavering support during this trying time."

"Nothing is more important than Elizabeth's health and well-being and we stand squarely behind her," the ABC news division said in a statement.

Vargas, who has spent previous time in rehab, spoke of her alcohol addiction on "Good Morning America" in January.

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