IIdina Menzel attends a "Frozen" screening at AMC Lincoln Square...

IIdina Menzel attends a "Frozen" screening at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on Nov. 11, 2013, in Manhattan. Credit: Getty Images / Slaven Vlasic

Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel says her work and her single-mom schedule make dating difficult, and that John Travolta's famous flub of her name has been a boon.

"I'm open to it," Menzel, currently starring in the Broadway musical "If/Then," tells Redbook in the magazine's December/January issue. "I just don't have a lot of time. They'd have to meet me at, like, midnight after the show, and that's kind of slutty, isn't it?"

Menzel, 43, who was raised in Syosset, separated from actor Taye Diggs in December after 10 years of marriage. They have a son, Walker, born in September 2009.

Being away from her child while she performs at night affects her, says Menzel, who began her current show on March 5. "The guilt is the thing that we as women all feel, whether we stay at home or we work. There are a lot of double standards with the way the men in our lives see how we make those choices. I think there's an accounting for how much time I spend with my son, and men don't have to account for how much time they spend with their child. It hurts to feel that's a judgment being made. Because we're already judging ourselves."

In terms of her career, however, Travolta mispronouncing her name as what sounded like "Adele Dazim" while introducing her performance of "Let It Go" at the Academy Awards in March has proved "the best mistake that's ever happened to me," Menzel told Redbook. "Just having the kind of success where people might know my name -- my real name! It took me a long time to stop chasing it and just embrace it."

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