Ilana Glazer calls her real-life pregnancy, which came after filming...

Ilana Glazer calls her real-life pregnancy, which came after filming a horror movie about a pregnant woman, "so eerie and cosmically funny." Credit: Getty Images for Glamour / Astrid Stawiarz

"Broad City" co-creator and co-star Ilana Glazer is expecting her first child with her husband of four years, David Rooklin.

In photographs for Entertainment Weekly, the 33-year-old Glazer, who was raised in St. James, poses looking visibly pregnant and discusses the fortuity of conceiving after filming the upcoming pregnancy horror film "False Positive."

"This was not supposed to happen this way, but it's just so eerie and cosmically funny that it has," Glazer said. She added, "I'm lucky; I'm in control, unlike our protagonist." Citing "amazing role models for pregnancy and parenthood," she said, "I'm not afraid to ask a billion questions" about carrying a child. "There are certain trends in society of how pregnancy should look — the shoulda coulda wouldas that are put on women all the time but are so amplified in pregnancy. I'm specifically seeking out the most spiritually healthy and welcoming experience."

"False Positive," co-starring Justin Theroux and Pierce Brosnan will debut on Hulu on June 25.

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