Jim Breuer pictured at the Jericho H Mart on Feb....

Jim Breuer pictured at the Jericho H Mart on Feb. 18, 2019. Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

Comedian Jim Breuer, who grew up in Valley Stream, sent a direct video message to his Facebook followers Friday that served as a pep talk during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hey … make sure you lift someone’s spirits up today, all right?” he says in the clip. “This thing is getting more intense and more intense. People are getting locked down.”

The 52-year-old funnyman, who holds a residency at The Paramount in Huntington, got serious for a bit.

“Remember this … the key essentials in life: your heart, your mind and your soul. That’s what our life is,” he says. “We started as villages — tribal — all for one, one for all. We lift each other up …. That is true humanity.”

Breuer warned not to get frightened by the media reports about COVID-19 and its spread, and broke into a monster character jokingly telling people to run for their lives.

“If media news really cared about you they’d teach you how to pray, meditate and lift each other up,” he says. “All they do is divide and conquer … and they politicize everything. C’mon, give your mind a break, give your heart a break, give your soul a break. All for one, one for all.”

With his parting words, Breuer told viewers to go clear their minds by doing something nice for someone else. 

“Go do something fun today and make someone laugh or tell someone you love them,” he says. “You’ll feel better!”

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