LaLa Anthony knows a thing or two about love -- she did manage to nab NBA star Carmelo Anthony! The gorgeous actress and reality star tells that if you're losing sleep over an ex or constantly searching for a guy, you need to take her advice. "Men and women do think and function differently and you have to recognize and know that . . . women definitely act off of emotion, where men have a tendency not to," she says. "I just think that as women sometimes reacting off of emotions can get us in trouble and we have to learn to just take that moment and process and then react. Which is what a man normally does, is the premise of thinking like a man." Great advice but it can definitely be tough to follow!

Kim's mysterious tweet

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to rave about Selena Gomez's amazing performance Monday on "Dancing With the Stars." "I love you like a love song baby," Kim tweeted. Hmm! Was Kim in the audience? Or did she just tune in on TV? OR was she sending a secret message to her new lover Kanye West?

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