Lindsay Lohan attends the Jorge Vazquez show during the Mercedes-Benz...

Lindsay Lohan attends the Jorge Vazquez show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid on Sept. 18, 2017, in Madrid. Credit: Getty Images / Eduardo Parra

Michael and Dina Lohan are planning to sue Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) over the “slanderous comments” that he made about their daughter, actress Lindsay Lohan, on Wednesday during a congressional hearing on the Equifax data breach.

The comments occurred as Richard Smith, the former CEO of Equifax, the credit reporting company that was hacked last month, was being questioned about signing a $7.25 million IRS contract for identity verification services. The deal could reap profits for the company as a result of the hack.

“Why in the world should you get a no-bid contract right now?” Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) asked Smith. Kennedy added, “You realize to many Americans right now, that looks like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the minibar.” Smith paused for a moment before responding, “I understand your point.” The “Mean Girls” star, originally of Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick, has spoken about her past struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Her father told the celebrity website Gossip Cop that he and his ex-wife plan to take legal action against Kennedy. “Dina and I are seeking legal counsel for Lindsay regarding the slanderous comments and unprofessional behavior of Senator John Kennedy,” Michael Lohan said. “His comment and analogy was inappropriate, slanderous and unwarranted. How dare he associate Lindsay with this case? Tell me, does he have a family member or friend with a former addiction problem? Wow, and he’s a senator?”

Kennedy did not respond to a request for comment from Gossip Cop.

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