Actor Lindsay Lohan says shooting the commercial in Los Angeles was...

Actor Lindsay Lohan says shooting the commercial in Los Angeles was exciting. " ... Just to be back and have that energy of being at a studio and doing a commercial and setting up and just getting to set." Credit: Getty Images / James Gourley

In her upcoming first Super Bowl commercial, says Lindsay Lohan, she consciously pokes fun at her past legal and lifestyle travails.

"You have to poke fun at things, bring light to the situation, especially when … I'm in such a good place to talk about it," the Long Island-raised star told "Good Morning America" Friday, promoting both the Planet Fitness spot and an upcoming holiday romantic comedy for Netflix. "So this is," she added with a chuckle, "the last time we will go backwards and bring up the past."

The 30-second commercial, online at the gym franchiser's YouTube channel, opens with Lohan exercising at what's meant to be a Planet Fitness. A narrator says, "People are wondering …," followed by everyone else in the gym asking in unison, " … what's gotten into Lindsay?"

"She's never been sharper," the narrator says as we see her on "Jeopardy!," trouncing former NBA star Dennis Rodman. "She's sleeping better than ever. … She's even more productive," the narrator continues, "trading DUI for DIY" by bedazzling an ankle monitor worn by grizzled actor Danny Trejo. "Maybe it's not what's gotten into Lindsay …," the narrator suggests, as we cut to actor and sci-fi icon William Shatner, revealing himself as the speaker, " … it's what Lindsay's gotten into." Lohan, trailing a purple glow, walks by him and says hello, and the commercial ends with a tagline.

"I had a lot of fun," Lohan, 35, who was raised in Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick, said separately Friday on "Extra." "It was really exciting." She added lightheartedly, "It's more fun when you're doing Super Bowl because it's so secretive, so you feel like you're doing something wrong but so good."

The "Mean Girls" star — whose as-yet-untitled holiday romcom is her first feature since 2019's low-budget werewolf thriller "Among the Shadows," which shot in Europe in 2015 and 2016 — told "Extra" the commercial "was the first time that I've shot anything in L.A. in a very long [time] — in years. But that was exciting, too, just to be back and have that energy of being at a studio and doing a commercial and setting up and just getting to set."

Lohan called Trejo "a blast to work with. We worked on [his 2010 homage to 1970s exploitation movies] 'Machete' together so it was really good to see him again. And Dennis was hysterical." Lohan's younger brother, model Dakota Lohan, attended the shoot, she said, "and he was excited because Dennis Rodman was there. And William Shatner was a hoot."

Lindsay Lohan, who recently became engaged to banking executive Bader Shammas, reflected on "Good Morning America" that her recent years living in Dubai have been a calming influence that helped her transcend the tumult of her 20s and made her feel ready to return to studio production. "Not filming for so long and not making movies for a long time, especially during the pandemic — that really made me appreciate it more and miss it so much more that I knew I was ready to come back," she said.

Super Bowl LVI, pitting the Rams against the Bengals, takes place Sunday at Los Angeles' SoFi Stadium.

CORRECTION: Dennis Rodman's name was misspelled in a previous version of this story.

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