Lindsay Lohan and sister Ali Lohan attend the launch of...

Lindsay Lohan and sister Ali Lohan attend the launch of Sevin Nyne By Lindsay Lohan held at Sephora in Santa Monica, Calif. Credit: Getty Images, 2009

Newly flame-haired Lindsay Lohan was back in the New York area Friday, reuniting with her Merrick family for the first time since before her stint in jail and rehab in Los Angeles this summer.

After taking a meeting at the talent agency CAA in Century City, Calif., on Thursday, reported, and appearing at the Santa Monica Courthouse on Friday for a drug test as per the terms of her sentence for probation violation in a 2007 DUI case, Lohan, 24, was photographed on the East Coast on Friday afternoon with mom Dina and two of her younger siblings, sister Ali and brother Cody.

She also spent some time at Fashion Week in Manhattan with her friend Kim Kardashian, according to

Dina Lohan, her mother and manager, turns 48 on Wednesday, suggesting one reason for the trip home. Dina Lohan was not available for comment Sunday, and Lindsay Lohan's Twitter account made no mention of the excursion. Though the terms of her probation had included no travel outside California, that has since been modified, according to

Lohan, whose hair has ranged from blond to black, was photographed Friday morning with her hair back to its natural red.

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