Actress Lindsay Lohan appears in court. (Aug. 13, 2010)

Actress Lindsay Lohan appears in court. (Aug. 13, 2010) Credit: Los Angeles Times

Despite attorney Shawn Chapman Holley on Monday expressing "hope" that her client Lindsay Lohan could be released from jail this week, before the actress fully serves her truncated sentence, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shot that notion down.

"She won't be released this week," spokesman Steve Whitmore told the Los Angeles Times Monday.

With anticipated time off for good behavior, which would reduce her 90-day sentence for probation violation to 51 days, and after serving only a quarter of that due to prison overcrowding, plus credit for time served when she was arrested in 2007, Lohan is expected to be incarcerated just 13 days. She was remanded to Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., just south of L.A., on July 20.

Lohan did not see family and friends over the weekend, People magazine reported, after having used up her allotted number of personal visitors during the week, when generally only professional visitors such as attorneys are allowed.

“It was hard for her not to see her family over the weekend,” Holley told reporters Monday.

When she does get out, Lohan has lucrative deals lined up for “checkbook journalism” TV interviews, according to an anonymous industry source at the website Fox 411. Mom Dina Lohan "was a part of the team that brokered all the deals. They made phone calls, and set up the interviews within three days," the source said.

"It is a small solace to Lindsay while in jail that at least she can continue to make money in some way." Meanwhile, in Manhattan, a Beach Bum Tanning Salon branch is sponsoring a "Free Lindsay" rally Tuesday at noon at its 239 Seventh Ave. location. Lohan is reportedly a client.

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