Ryan Phillippe's former girlfriend Elsie Hewitt contends that Phillippe twice...

Ryan Phillippe's former girlfriend Elsie Hewitt contends that Phillippe twice threw her down a set of stairs in a lawsuit. Credit: AP / Invision / Jordan Strauss

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office says no charges are being contemplated against “Shooter” star Ryan Phillippe. The actor’s ex-girlfriend had accused him of assaulting her in July.

“The City Attorney’s Office was referred this matter following an investigation by the LAPD,” spokesman Frank Mateljan said in a statement. “After a thorough review, the matter was set for a City Attorney office hearing, during which both parties were present, detailed the incident, were advised on the law and given guidance as to how to avoid similar incidents in the future.”

He added, “Separate hearings were held in August and September. No further action has been scheduled following our office hearing, though we do reserve the right to file charges up to one year after the incident.”

Model Elsie Hewitt, who filed a lawsuit Monday seeking $1 million from the actor, contended that in the early morning hours of July 4, Phillippe, 43, had attacked her and twice threw her down a set of stairs. Hewitt, 21, who was Playboy’s June centerfold, then checked into the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center emergency room, where police took a report.

Phillippe through his spokeswoman denied the accusations Tuesday. He subsequently tweeted, “As a man, raised by women, in a household where women’s right’s, feminism and advocacy were very much at the forefront, I am sickened that my name can be found in any article where domestic violence of any kind is being alleged. . . . Every one of my accuser’s allegations are false.”

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