Jenelle Evans, the "Teen Mom" star who had breast implants earlier this month, is engaged. She posted a pic of her new bling and announced the happy news to all her fans via tweet. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have @gary_head in my life," Jenelle tweeted alongside the photo Wednesday. No details on the engagement yet, but the 21-year-old mama responded to a twitter follower who asked if fiance Gary Head got the rock from a gumball machine. She said, "no he def didn't." Bit of a shock, right? Who knew their on-and-off again romance would result in a proposal!

Rancic baby may be boy

It sounds like Bill and Giuliana Rancic should be stocking up on all things . . . blue? Bill revealed in an exclusive interview with that he and Giuliana will be bringing their baby with them when they travel the country for a Breast Cancer Speaking Tour in October. Our kid is going to be one hell of a, he -- or she -- is going to have frequent flier miles, or whatever the baby is, before you know it," he told us. Hmmm! Was that Bill just revealing that they're having a baby BOY?

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