Jemima Kirke, left, and Lena Dunham costar in HBO's new...

Jemima Kirke, left, and Lena Dunham costar in HBO's new comedy series, "Girls," which Dunham created and writes. Credit: Handout

This week's episode of "Girls" was all about the rejected doing some rejecting. And, of course, Hannah's never-ending quest for good essay material.

Despite at first being disgusted by her boss' sexual harassment, Hannah decides she'll sleep with him -- it'll make a good story, after all. She throws herself at him, but is rejected and laughed at.

At even the hint of possible rejection, Jessa seduces an old fling who says he's in love with his girlfriend. He tries to kiss her after they sleep together, but Jessa pulls away. "What about Gillian?" she asks with a smirk. When she realizes Shoshanna witnessed the entire thing, Jessa proudly tells her: "Just so you know, what you just saw? That was me showing I cannot be smoted. I am un-smotable." It's a disturbing, yet impressive, scene of manipulation.

Marnie is determined to win back her boyfriend, who broke up with her after reading Hannah's journal. He initially refuses, but she wears him down. It isn't until they're way too close again -- physically and, in his view, emotionally -- that Marnie rejects him yet again.

Last but not least, there's Hannah and Adam. The day before, she finally told him she was sick of how he treated her. It was a great moment, but she caved at his first advance. Now she shows up at his apartment after referring to him as her boyfriend and tries to pick up where they left off -- but here she is again, rejected by someone she previously rejected. "These things have an expiration date, OK?" he says. 

Before she leaves, Hannah takes part in one more strange sex scene -- for the sake of the story, of course. Her approach to life surely bothers some -- experiences just for the sake of experiences. But you can't say she goes through the motions without motivation, right? At least she has a goal. 

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