This image provided by Sony shows action from the game...

This image provided by Sony shows action from the game "Gravity Rush" for the PlayStation Vita. Credit: AP

There's a mix of exhilaration and anxiety in Gravity Rush. Your character, a girl named Kat, can't remember her own past and is just figuring out how to use her newfound ability to defy gravity. Add in some gooey monsters from another dimension, and you have the stuff of nightmares.

Kat doesn't exactly fly. Instead, she changes the effect gravity has on her body, so she can walk up walls or hang from ceilings. The mechanics are simple: You press one button to make Kat float, point a reticle where you want her to land, then press another button to make her leap to the next surface. She may arrive with a crash, but she's generally impervious to any damage from falling. The perspective then shifts so that wherever Kat landed is now "down."

At first, it's easy to get confused trying to remember which way is up. But the developers of Gravity Rush gently ease you into using Kat's powers, so by the time the alien Nevi arrive, you're ready to take them down with highflying attacks.

Kat can simply run up to enemies and pound them, but it's far more effective to use her "gravity kick." By aiming at the monsters as she falls, she adds the force of gravity to her attacks.

RATING T for Teen

PLOT Defying gravity, one monster battle at a time

DETAILS Vita, $40

BOTTOM LINE A must-buy for Vita

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