To prepare for his role as Texas Ranger Erastus "Deaf" Smith in the new History Channel miniseries "Texas Rising," Jeffrey Dean Morgan dropped more than 40 pounds, reports the Daily Mail.

The actor wanted to be accurate to his real-life character, who suffered from tuberculosis.

On last Thursday's "Today" show, Morgan, 49, explained how he shed the weight. "I ate a can of tuna fish a day. I did it in the most unhealthy way I could," he said. "I didn't consult with a doctor or anything. We said maybe we should lose, like, 10 pounds, and then I just kept going and going, and by the end of the movie I just looked like hell."

"Texas Rising" got off to a healthy start: Monday night's premiere drew 4.1 million viewers.

The face of Cher

Designer Marc Jacobs made an entrance at the Met Gala a few weeks ago with Cher, and the two will be spending more time together -- the designer tapped the Oscar-winning actress to be one of the faces of his upcoming campaign.

"The amazing and beautiful CHER! Photographed by David Sims for our Fall/Winter campaign . . . This is just the beginning . . . More to come!!" Jacobs, 52, wrote to accompany the Instagram image he posted of Cher, 69, yesterday. In the photo, she wears a long black dress from Jacobs' upcoming collection.

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