Intel Science Talent Search semifinalist Samantha Garvey talks to the...

Intel Science Talent Search semifinalist Samantha Garvey talks to the media during a news conference announcing a new home for the homeless Brentwood High School senior and her family. (Jan. 13, 2012) Credit: Newsday/ J. Conrad Williams Jr.

The inspiring story of Brentwood High School senior Samantha Garvey has not only captured Long Island but the rest of the nation and world, which is admiring and supporting the bright, hardworking teen who found success despite her family's homelessness.

Garvey was named one of 300 Intel Science Talent Search semifinalists nationwide and one of 61 Long Island high school students awarded semifinalist status -- a prestigious achievement for any student. But her remarkable economic situation has garnered admiration from domestic and international news outlets.

Here’s what the media are saying about Garvey all over the Web:

"Homeless teen finds success, sees future in science."

Garvey talked to HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell, saying: "I have a lot of plans for the future. I'd like to continue what I'm doing now -- continue with science research and just get a doctorate and keep on trucking."

“What I’m doing is the American dream,” Garvey tells ABC. “I want to do better for myself. I want a better life.”
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"Lessons froms a homeless student"
“The bottom line: The most important factor for excellence isn’t the home people live in, it isn’t the school they go to, but their ability to get their priorities right, stay focused and develop the right relations.”

"This motivates me to do better," Garvey told CBS radio station WCBS-AM. "I do well, and I pursue my passion because it's what I have, and it's a way out, you know, and it'll lead to better things."

Calls Garvey "awesome."

The Daily Mail
The U.K. newspaper finds "gifted" Garvey's story "extraordinary."

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