Mike Sorrentino, aka "The Situation,from"Jersey Shore," poses backstage at the...

Mike Sorrentino, aka "The Situation,from"Jersey Shore," poses backstage at the MTV Movie Awards in Universal City, Calif., Sunday, June 6, 2010. Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

At the beginning of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards viewers were treated to the first ten minutes of season two of the hit show, "Jersey Shore." Without a doubt, this sneak peak was highly anticipated by juice heads and fist-pumping guys everywhere, which is why it is a shame that it fell flat.

The show started with the expected recap of last season and gave updates on what the cast have been doing. Stuff we already know because every entertainment outlet in the country has been reporting it for months.

For a few agonizing minutes we watched some of the show favorites (Snooki with J-Wow and Pauly D with the Situation) drive down to Miami. Anyone who has ever made the drive from New York to Miami knows that it is a long and boring drive, watching it on television seems ridiculous.

The show did have some redeeming moments. Watching Pauly D and the Situation set off fireworks in a corn field shows that they are as crazy as ever. If that is what they do on the drive down to Miami, then it is worth it to find out what they will do once they are actually in the state. Another reason to possibly tune in is to see all of the drama that will inevitably be following Angelina.

All in all, the preview was a bit of a letdown and a ploy to get people to tune into the movie awards. Did it work? Yes. Will people tune in to watch the "Jersey Shore" premiere in July? Yes. But not because of that preview.

For those of you who missed it, check out the ten minute clip here:

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