Candice Night of Port Jefferson is part of the duo...

Candice Night of Port Jefferson is part of the duo Blackmore's Night. Credit: Michael Keel

Music for children, a screenplay aimed at teens and college kids, and a Web series strictly for adults are projects that have all sprung from the minds of these creative local talents.


Port Jefferson

THE GIG The singer-songwriter just released a children’s album.

HER STORY Night is part of the duo Blackmore’s Night, with her husband, former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, whom she met while working as an intern at WBAB radio. After hearing her sing at a party, Blackmore invited Night to do some background vocals for Deep Purple and then for his next group, Rainbow, before they formed their own band in 1997. In 2011, Night released her first solo album, “Reflections,” and now her second, “Starlight Starbright,” a collection of classic and original children’s songs, including one written by the couple’s daughter Autumn, 4. “I walked in one day, when she was 1 1⁄2, and she was putting her dollies to sleep, and she was singing this beautiful song to them that she had made up, ‘Lullaby in the Night,’ ” Night says.

WHAT’S NEXT Blackmore’s Night is lining up tour dates starting in August, and Night is worked on another solo album.


from West Islip

THE GIG An actor-producer on an upcoming Web series called “The Circle.”

HIS STORY Chouen majored in communications at LIU Post but had gotten the acting bug in high school. After college, he took some drama classes and joined an improv troupe while working full time at a credit union. Last year, he decided to focus solely on acting and now has a manager. He’s appeared in several short films and on TV shows, including “Person of Interest” and the ID series “Evil Lives Here,” and has done television commercials. His biggest project is working as a co-producer on “The Circle,” a drama about addicts and a man who is obsessed with their stories. Chouen plays a detective on the program, which he and his producing partners are hoping to sell to either Amazon or Hulu.

WHAT’S NEXT He has a small role as a rescue worker in the biopic “Sully,” starring Tom Hanks, which comes out in September.



both from Syosset

THEIR GIG The childhood friends penned a screenplay that’s been optioned.

THEIR STORY About three years ago, the teens saw a pair of ice cream trucks parked next to each other and began wondering what would happen if a rivalry developed between them. They decided to put their idea on paper to create what Goodman calls “a PG-13 Kevin James-type comedy.” “There are times when we’re finishing each other’s sentences,” Goodman says of their collaboration, “and other times where we’ll have an argument about a scene for three days. But it never gets to a point where there’s a falling out.” Following a read-through with family and friends that led to reworking some scenes, Goodman’s entertainment lawyer father presented the script to a Hollywood producer who loved it. Since then, Goodman and Zaager have done some rewrites (“we added a lot more funny,” Zaager says) and are now waiting for it to get a green light.

WHAT’S NEXT The two have written three other comedy scripts, which they say are more mature and in a Woody Allen vein.

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