Timing is everything . . . maybe.

Will Lindsay Lohan's fashion line, 6126 (Marilyn Monroe's birth date), benefit from the starlet's 90-day jail sentence and the exposure that comes along with it?

Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst of the NPD Group in Port Washington, says, "The stripes she earns in jail and rehab could make her come out stronger. The American consumer loves a comeback story - look at Martha Stewart."

A statement from Lohan's fashion house implies that her jail time will not affect the brand, calling Lohan's commitment to the company "steadfast."

The collection has expanded from leggings-only into full apparel for the fall.

The look is edgy with a touch of glam - kind of party girl chic and includes a leather bustier with chiffon trim ($175).

There is a stretch lace body suit ($88), but as you might imagine, it bears little resemblance to the orange jumpsuit that Lohan now wears.

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