James Franco stars in " Francophrenia" (or: "Don't Kill Me,...

James Franco stars in " Francophrenia" (or: "Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is") directed by Ian Olds and James Franco. Credit: Doug Chamberlain/

WHO Rose Byrne

THE MOVIE "I Give It a Year"

THE DEAL The actress who played picture-perfect Helen Harris in "Bridesmaids" has signed on for this romantic comedy, Variety reports. She and Rafe Spall ("One Day") will play a pair of mismatched newlyweds; Anna Faris ("The House Bunny"), another newly announced cast member, will play a supporting role. Simon Baker (TV's "The Mentalist") also stars. Dan Mazer, who wrote Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat" and earned an Oscar nomination for it, is the writer and director.

WHO James Franco

THE MOVIE "Francophrenia"

THE DEAL The actor's experimental thriller -- alternatively titled "Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is" -- is reportedly made partly from footage shot by a film crew while Franco was making one of his baffling appearances on the soap opera "General Hospital." The movie will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival, which announced the first half of its 90-feature lineup earlier this week. Other movies include "The Girl," starring Abbie Cornish as a desperate woman who begins smuggling Mexicans over the U.S. border, and "While We Were Here," starring Kate Bosworth as a troubled writer vacationing in Italy. Documentary films include "Downeast," which looks at out-of-work septuagenarians, and "The Revisionaries," about the fight over school textbook content. The festival is scheduled for April 18-29. Visit tribecafilm.com for more information and updates.

THE MOVIE "Chico and Rita"

THE DEAL Despite its recent Oscar nomination, this animated feature has been little seen -- it premiered in New York City only last month -- but will play locally tonight. The story of a jazz pianist and a nightclub singer who leave Cuba for adventures in America, "Chico and Rita" features a score by Grammy-winning composer Bebo Valdés along with music by Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Cole Porter and other jazz greats. Though released through the distributor GKIDS, the film does contain nudity and adult themes. Latin American film expert Carlos A. Gutiérrez will speak at the screening.

INFO Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Squire Cinemas, 115 Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck. Tickets are $15-$20. 516-829-2570; greatneckarts.org.

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