For everyone who grew up loving the "Karate Kid" for the inspirational underdog tale it's meant to be, get ready to have your whole world turned upside down. 

That's because a new YouTube video from J. Matthew Turner posits that it was Daniel LaRusso -- the character played by Long Island's Ralph Macchio -- and not Johnny Lawrence, who was the unnecessary bully of the entire movie. 

Through some seriously close reading of the source material (a la high school lit classes everywhere), Turner spends the better part of four minutes tearing apart every interaction between the two karate kids. He explores his hypothesis -- that Johnny was merely defending himself against Daniel LaRusso, a "violent sociopath" -- with such precision that, by the end, you're not sure which way is up, much less which of these two kids was really the villain. 

And maybe Mr. Miyagi really is, as the video supposes, a "local busybody, karate master and child batterer." 

What if it was all a lie?!

While we rethink all our childhood memories, go ahead and watch this dream ruiner for yourself here.

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