WHO Bradley Cooper

THE MOVIE "The Silver Linings Playbook"

THE DEAL The "Hangover" star has nabbed the lead in this drama about a man recovering from mental illness, but he also may have stepped into a feud between director David O. Russell and his longtime collaborator, Mark Wahlberg, according to TheWrap.com. Though Russell and Wahlberg worked together on "Three Kings" and the Oscar-winnning "The Fighter," the director reportedly dropped the actor from "Silver Linings" over contractual and financial issues. "They went with Brad Cooper because they felt he was hungrier and would work for cheaper," Matt Muzio, Russell's cousin, told TheWrap.

THE MOVIE "The Dark Knight Rises"

THE DEAL Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie could incorporate Occupy Wall Street, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Warner Bros. production arrives in New York City for 14 days, starting Oct. 29, under the code name "Magnus Rex," and the cast has been informed that filming could include the Occupy protest. That may not be the main draw -- it's based in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, an area known for cinematic high-rises and views of identifiable landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. What part the protesters may play remains under wraps.

THE MOVIE "Semper Fi: Always Faithful"

THE DEAL This film tells the true story of Marine Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger, who fought for years to expose water contamination at North Carolina's Camp Lejeune after his 9-year-old daughter died of leukemia. Producers Todd and Jedd Wider, raised in Setauket, will speak after next week's screening as part of the ongoing Port Jefferson Documentary Film Series.

INFO Monday at 7 p.m. at Theatre Three, 412 Main St., Port Jefferson. Tickets are $5. 631-928-9100; portjeffdocumentaryseries.com

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