"The Shining," "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Psycho" are scary any time of year, but there's no better season than Halloween to watch some of the most frightening films ever made. Did your favorites make our list?


Credit: Shamley Productions

Actress Janet Leigh as Marion Crane in the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 thriller, "Psycho."

"Nightmare on Elm Street"

Credit: Handout

Freddy Krueger from Wes Craven's 1984 slasher film "Nightmare on Elm Street."

"A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master"

Credit: Media Home Entertainment

Robert Englund returns as Freddy Krueger in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master" (1988).

"The Shining"

Credit: AP

"Heeeeere's Johnny!" Jack Nicholson is terrifying as Jack Torrance in 1980's "The Shining," directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on Stephen King's 1977 horror novel.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Credit: New Line Cinema

A deformed, chainsaw-wielding killer stalks and hunts a group of young friends in the 2003 "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake, directed by Marcus Nispel.

"The Exorcist"

Credit: Warnes Bros.

Max Von Sydow and Linda Blair in Warner Bros.Pictures' 1973 classic, "The Exorcist," based on the 1971 novel.

"The Omen 666"

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

"The Omen 666," a 2006 remake of the 1976 horror classic, takes the tale of the coming of the Antichrist personified as a young boy named Damien (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) to an even more thrilling and visceral level.

"Rosemary's Baby"

Credit: William Castle Productions

Mia Farrow, right, Ruth Gordon, center, and Patsy Kelly in the 1968 movie "Rosemary's Baby." Gordon played the kindly-but-meddling-witch-next-door, and Farrow was the pregnant Rosemary in the movie.

"Silence of the Lambs"

Credit: Orion Pictures

Anthony Hopkins, right, as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in 1991's "Silence of the Lambs," directed by Jonathan Demme.

"The Blair Witch Project"

Credit: Artisan Entertainment

Heather Donahue turns the camera on herself during her confession scene from the 1999 low-budget horror film, "The Blair Witch Project."


Credit: Universal Studios Photo

A scene from the classic "Jaws" (1975) directed by Steven Spielberg.


Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

A shaken Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) reacts to the horrors unfolding around her in the 1979 movie "Alien."


Credit: Fox

Brad Pitt, left, and Morgan Freeman star as detectives tracking down a serial killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins in "Seven."

"The Thing"

Credit: Universal Studios

Kate (Mary Elizabeth WInstead) knows it's kill or be killed in the 2011's "The Thing," a remake of the 1982 sci-fi horror. Paranoia spreads like an epidemic among a group of researchers as they're infected, one by one, by a mystery from another planet.


Credit: American Film Institute

Jack Nance in David Lynch's surrealist horror, "Eraserhead" (1977).


Credit: AMC

Jamie Lee Curtis in a scene from the 1978 horror film classic, "Halloween," directed by John Carpenter.

"Night of the Living Dead"

Credit: Columbia Pictures

"Night of the Living Dead" (1968) directed by George A. Romero.


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The wife (Isabelle Adjani, left) and mistress (Sharon Stone) of a cruel school headmaster plot his murder in "Diabolique" (1996), directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik and based on the 1955 French film "Les Diaboliques."

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