When news broke earlier this week that a new biopic about the late Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia was in the works, a guessing game immediately began: Who should play the bearded, amiable hippie icon?

If you were thinking about Paul Giamatti or Philip Seymour Hoffman, guess again. The movie, tentatively titled "Dark Star" and based on Robert Greenfield's oral biography, focuses on the singer-guitarist's pre-Dead years, when he was younger and thinner. Here's a list of possible actors to get your office pool started:

Seth Rogen - Now that he's slimmed down to play a crime fighter in "The Green Hornet," he might have to regain a few pounds. But the most laid-back actor of his generation might make a perfect Garcia.

James Franco - He's already playing a young Allen Ginsberg in "Howl" (which had its East Coast premiere at the Stony Brook Film Festival last month). Why not follow the beat poet with a hippie musician?

Oscar Isaac - This Guatemalan-born, American-raised actor brought a twinkle of mischief to the role of King John in "Robin Hood." Plus, Isaac shares some Hispanic roots with Garcia, who was part Spanish.

Zach Galifianakis - The shaggy, stocky comedian has been stealing the show in comedies like "The Hangover" and "Dinner for Schmucks." But his weirdly intense persona might work well in the right drama. Hey, maybe this could be his "Ray."

Shia LaBeouf - If Leonardo DiCaprio can play Howard Hughes, then the star of "Transformers" might as well play Garcia. The biggest challenge: Is LaBeouf even able to grow his own beard?

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