They make us laugh, cry and swoon: Sometimes there's just nothing better than cozying up with a romantic comedy. So what are the most beloved rom-coms of all time?

In 2017, dating website EliteSingles sought to find out, by asking more than 2,300 of their members what their favorite romantic comedy is. You likely won't be surprised by which one rules above them all.

Here are the 10 greatest romantic comedies, according to EliteSingles' survey results.

10. 'The Ugly Truth' (2009)

Credit: Columbia Pictures/Saeed Adyani

Characters played by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler engage in a classic battle of the sexes in "The Ugly Truth" (2009).

9. 'Bridget Jones' trilogy (2001)

Credit: Miramax Films/Alex Bailey

Renée Zellweger plays Bridget Jones, a 30-something British woman who keeps a diary while looking for love in the 2001 film "Bridget Jones's Diary." Hugh Grant, pictured, plays her boss, Daniel Cleaver.

8. 'The Proposal' (2009)

Credit: Touchstones Pictures

High-powered businesswoman Sandra Bullock forces her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her so she can avoid deportation in the 2009 movie "The Proposal."

7. 'The Notebook' (2004)

Credit: New Line Cinema/Melissa Moseley

Rachel McAdams stars as “Allie, opposite Ryan Gosling as “Noah” in a story of love lost and found in the 2004 film "The Notebook."

6. 'The Holiday' (2006)

Credit: Columbia Pictures/Universal Pict/Simon Mein

Two women (Cameron Diaz, pictured, and Kate Winslet) from opposite sides of the United States trade homes during the holidays after both going through bad breakups. Jude Law, pictured, also stars in this 2006 flick.

5. 'You’ve Got Mail' (1998)

Credit: Warner Bros/Brian Hamill

Competing bookstore owners played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall in love despite their differences in business ethics and personalities in "You've Got Mail," 1998.

4. 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' (1961)

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Audrey Hepburn is Holly Golighty, a lovelorn yet detached New York City socialite who charms her neighbor, Paul Varjak (George Peppard) in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961), directed by Blake Edwards.

3. 'Sleepless In Seattle' (1993)

Credit: TriStar Pictures

Jonah (Ross Malinger) goes to heroic lenghts in attempting to bring his widower father, Sam (Tom Hanks), and Annie (Meg Ryan) together in the romantic comedy "Sleepless in Seattle," 1993.

2. 'When Harry Met Sally' (1989)

Credit: Columbia Pictures/Andy Schwartz

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan's characters are afraid to fall in love, fearing they will lose their friendship, in "When Harry Met Sally," 1989.

1. 'Pretty Woman' (1990)

Credit: Touchstone Pictures

Richard Gere falls in love with a prostitute played by Julia Roberts in 1990's "Pretty Woman."

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