"Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Edition" has been remastered...

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Edition" has been remastered and will be streamed, screened in theaters and released on Blu-ray. Credit: Paramount

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture—The Director's Edition,” the late director Robert Wise's 2001 cut of the 1979 movie, has been remastered in 4K for a new streaming, Blu-ray and theatrical release.

Paramount announced Thursday  that the movie, four minutes longer than the 132-minute original, with surgical changes including CGI replacing or enhancing matte-painting backgrounds, will stream on Paramount+ in 4K Ultra HD on April 5, 2022, celebrated as First Contact Day by "Star Trek" fans. It then will play theatrically on May 22 and 25, with tickets on sale April 8 at FathomEvents.com, and arrive on Blu-ray in September. The new remastering includes Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) and an "immersive" Dolby Atmos soundtrack, Paramount said. Producer David C. Fein and preservationist Mike Matessino, both of whom originally collaborated with Wise in 2001, oversaw the six-month process.

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