Andrea and Mike James, of Massapequa perform with the Saber Guild...

Andrea and Mike James, of Massapequa perform with the Saber Guild - Endor Temple, a group that portrays "Star Wars" characters. Credit: Andrea James

Experience that “galaxy far, far away" in a new way. See “Star Wars — Episode IV: A New Hope” on the big screen with a live orchestra performing the score at LIU Post’s Tilles Center in Brookville on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 2 and 8 p.m.

“It’s an astounding experience. The sound is so rich and better than any normal theatrical mix,” says Chris Feehan, 48, of Mineola, who enjoyed the experience at Lincoln Center. “It fills the entire theater and makes the film even more epic. You can actually feel the bombast of the film.”


Feehan plays the role of an Imperial Stormtrooper with the 501st Legion: Empire City Garrison, a professional cosplay group, sanctioned by Lucasfilm, who will meet and take photos with concert goers as they enter Tilles Center.

“We talk in character,” says Feehan, who wears a $3,500 movie quality costume he built himself. “We will tell people, ‘Move along!’ or ask them if they’ve ‘seen any Rebel scum. ’ We like to ham it up a bit.”

Conductor Ted Sperling has played for several “Star Wars” orchestral concert films using the Oscar-winning John Williams score and found the experience like no other.

“There’s great excitement in the audience and a lot of cheering when we start. ‘Star Wars’ has such a bold beginning, which causes people to erupt with cheers,” says Sperling, who has also conducted for “Fantasia,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Mary Poppins” and “Ratatouille.” “They also stay till the bitter end through the long credits because the music is so good.”

Not that the job is easy — Sperling is solely responsible for keeping the music in sync with the film.

“It’s like steering a giant cruise ship,” says Sperling who has a TV screen showing the film with music cues next to his sheet music. “You can’t make sudden moves. You have to keep all the musicians on track with a lot of finesse. If you get behind, you have to gently speed up, but not so much that you overshoot.”


Before the film starts, guests can watch fully choreographed lightsaber battles in the lobby performed by the Saber Guild Endor Temple.

“This allows me to let out my inner geek and bring smiles to people’s faces,” says Andrea James, 46, of Massapequa, who portrays her own original Jedi character Reos Tokani. 

For James, the music from “Star Wars” sets the tone for the entire adventure.

“The music immediately brings you into the universe — the struggle, the conflict — it puts you right there,” says James. “Seeing it with a live orchestra will take the film to another level.”

According to Feehan, “Star Wars” is not just a film franchise, but rather a generational bonding tool.

“There’s a synergy and connection between people who love these movies,” he says. “The fandom runs very deep because they grew up with it.” 


WHEN|WHERE 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21, LIU Post’s Tilles Center, 720 Northern Blvd in Brookville

INFO 516-299-3100,

ADMISSION $59-$159

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