Myles Clohessy stars in "Last Ferry," a drama filmed in...

Myles Clohessy stars in "Last Ferry," a drama filmed in and set on Fire Island, that premieres March 11 on Netflix. Credit: Emblematic Pictures

It may not exactly be beach weather on Long Island, but its prime season for Fire Island on Netflix.

"Last Ferry," a 2019 indie thriller about a gay lawyer who witnesses a murder during a Fire Island getaway, will make it Netflix debut on Wednesday. Set and filmed almost entirely on Fire Island, the summer hot spot is as much of a star in the movie as actors Ramon O. Torres (who also wrote the screenplay) and Myles Clohessy, son of "Blue Bloods" regular Robert Clohessy.

The movie was filmed in Fire Island Pines last March and April, with the chilly weather proving challenging for the actors. "Some days we'd be out on the beach in shorts, T-shirts and tank tops," Clohessy says. "One day we were shooting a pivotal scene, and it was so cold, they had to stop because I was shaking uncontrollably."

Shooting before the summer crowds did add to the atmosphere of the movie, which played the LGBTQ film festival circuit last year. "The director wanted it to look creepy," Clohessy says. "With very few people there, it was definitely a little eerie."

It was also a treat getting to visit Fire Island for the first time, adds the actor: "It was the most fun filming experience I've had because the landscape is so amazing."

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